District 6270 Public Image Inflatables

Benefits of a Public Image Inflatable

Having a large inflatable at your fundraising or service events can significantly boost your club's public image. These eye-catching inflatables attract attention and are excellent for photo opportunities, which helps in promoting your event through various media channels.

The inflatable is available for use at no cost; however, clubs are responsible for its upkeep during their usage. If the inflatable is damaged under your care, you are expected to fix it before passing it on. It is your responsibility to pick up the inflatable from the club before you and pass it to the next after your event.

Map of Club Locations

Choosing the Right Inflatable for Your Location

Which one (Northern or Southern) you reserve is up to you, just bear in mind that you'll need to obtain and pass on the inflatable. If you're north of West Bend, you probably want to stick with "Northern." If you're south of Rt. 94, you probably want to stick with "Southern."